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How do you know when you are happy?

Patrick Sandford asked 100 people “How do you know when you are happy?”

The answers – provocative, kaleidoscopic, astonishing – jump-started this crazy, optimistic-in-spite-of-everything show. Can we ever really shift our troubles, even our trauma? You must be joking. Can happiness be a key? Well it ain’t always easy but you have to try it on for size.

Patrick’s 2016 show ‘Groomed’ won three major Brighton Fringe awards for theatre. Don’t miss this one!

Note: one lucky audience volunteer at each performance will receive a full professional shoulder massage. No obligation.


A man stands beside a bunch of white roses. He battles with demons of rage, envy, grief. A much younger woman sings, holding a ball of red twine… She apparently leads her life in a state of tranquility. How does she do it? She is bemused by his anxieties. He is captivated by her stillness. There is no romance here – but there might be surprises.

At the centre of the maze stands the Minotaur, half-man, half-bull – ready to devour us should we dare to enter its domain. Who can defeat it?

In BLOOMING Patrick Sandford throws us a line into our own labyrinths, and together we take a journey to the centre…

"I am NOT the magic blooming bloke - but I'm working it!"



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