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The Mankind Programme



Mankind supports men (18+) through the different stages of dealing with the effects of unwanted sexual experiences.

To do this, we offer a structured programme of services that have been designed to help men move forward with their lives.

We use our experience to help advise men about what their first or next step might be, as shown on the chart below:

How we work

We see common patterns in how men make sense of traumatic events that they have witnessed or experienced. Our programme offers a way of making sense of what happened in the past and finding new meaning in present day life.

To support this, we have structured our services as a series of progressive steps. Each of these introduces different tools that can help men understand the impact of unwanted sexual experiences and reduce any negative feelings.

While the first of these steps is always individual, later steps offer the opportunity to share and learn from other men’s experiences within facilitated peer-support groups. However, there is no obligation and advice will be given to ensure that a suitable choice can be made.

Services at Mankind are free.

Mankind is a charity and our services are paid for by our funders.

However, for those that wish to make a donation, we operate a sliding scale that starts at £1 per session.

We do not means test and any decision about amount given is entirely up to individual circumstances. It makes no difference to the type of service offered. All donations are used to further our work in delivering services to men.

Getting started with Mankind is easy.

We always begin with an initial meeting, which allows us to find out what an individual is looking for from our service.  This also allows for any questions to be asked before making a decision about a service.

If you would like to find out more about what happens at an initial meeting, click here 

Accessing our services



Booking an initial meeting is simple

We only take self-referrals from individuals and all we require at this stage is some basic information.

This can be done either by:

Filling out an online form here
When we receive this we will call the contact number given to make an appointment.


Leaving a message on 01273 911680
When we receive this we will call the contact number given to make an appointment.

Please note: We aim to respond to all initial enquiries within two weeks.  The average wait time for an initial meeting is 4 – 6 weeks



Where we work



Our counselling takes place in our main office in Hove.

However, as this is accessed up two flights of stairs, we have arrangements in place with other facilities nearby for those with any issues with mobility or accessibility.

We have three individual counselling rooms and a large group space.

Our waiting area

Our counselling rooms

How to find us

Mankind is located at 1 Brunswick Road, next door to the Brunswick Road Dental Practice.
(See map at the bottom of this page)

The nearest bus stop can be found at Norfolk Square and on Western Road in front of the Co-operative supermarket.
To walk from either Brighton or Hove railway stations takes approximately 20 minutes.

What you can expect from Mankind

We are committed to providing a programme of high-quality, male-specific services in a safe and confidential environment.

  • We are committed to being honest and open about what we do at all times.
  • We promise to use our experience and knowledge to help you choose the most appropriate way forward for you.
  • While we will not rush you or make any decisions for you, we recognise that counselling is a staged process and may actively slow you down if we think you are going too fast.

Most importantly for many of our clients…

  • We undertake to treat as confidential anything you tell us (within the terms of our Confidentiality Agreement as stated here)

Mankind offices

The door to the street is always left open while the Mankind office is open.

Once inside the corridor, please select the appropriate bell from the choice of ‘counselling‘, ‘workshop‘ or ‘office‘, to match your visit.
Your counsellor/ the workshop facilitator/ or our office administrator will then buzz you into the Mankind offices.

Please note, Mankind is NOT a drop-in service.
To make an appointment, please call 01273 911680