We are aware of how difficult it can be to engage with a service around issues of sexual abuse. Therefore, we want to make sure that it makes a difference. Obviously, we cannot guarantee this, but the vast majority of the men* who come to us find that our services help.

Most commonly men tell us that being able to talk enables them to discover how an unwanted sexual experience has affected their lives.  

Blame, shame and guilt are common reactions and can stop a man speaking out for fear of how he will be received.  This can lead to increased isolation and feelings of hopelessness.

Many men have found that engaging with our services has helped them learn about how the trauma of an unwanted sexual experience has stopped them doing the things they want to do.  Our staged programme gives men the insight and practical skills they need to live their lives in a more fulfilling way.  See what men say about how Mankind has helped on our client feedback page.

How we measure the difference we make

We use a range of professional and in-house tools to demonstrate the difference we make to men’s lives. The primary outcome tool we use is the industry standard monitoring tool CORE (Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation). This tool was chosen as it can be used interactively with clients, giving them weekly updates on their progress and highlighting different areas of work to focus on.  

This was important to us as it was vital to have a tool that clients could experience the benefit of, rather than just a form for them to fill in and never see again. CORE gives us top level statistical data on our services and is also used as a strategic tool to assess different aspects of service provision and understand how clients engage with us. 

As well as CORE we also use an in-house tool that allows us to collect more direct feedback from clients.  The combination of these means that we are able to report top line statistics whilst also using clients words to describe their actual experience and outcome of engagement with our services.

Need – Impact – Value

88% of our clients score above the clinical threshold at the outset of counselling, demonstrating the effect and need for services for male survivors

66% of our clients demonstrate an improvement in their mental health, comparable to the NHS improvement rate of 65%

The unit cost of our service is £60, compared to an equivalent NHS cost of £177, giving the same outcomes for one third of the cost

Delving deeper into the figures, we can see what changes occur in a number of different domains that enable clients to achieve their goals:

Mental Health MeasurePositive Change
Suicidal feelings89%
Anxiety & Stress82%
Wellbeing MeasurePositive Change
Quality of Life91%
Personal Independence74%
Life Skills79%
Family Relationships68%

*Inclusive of trans and non-binary people