Mankind is a safe space…

We are a Sussex-based charity that provides confidential support services.

We work with men who have been affected by unwanted sexual experiences.

All our services are free or donation based.

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Mankind is inclusive…

Whoever you are…
Whatever happened…
However long ago…

It’s never too late – we can help.

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We are independent…

Although we receive funding from a variety of sources, we do not accept any funding that compromises our commitment to providing services that we believe work for men.

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Most importantly, we get results.

Established in 2000, our male centred approach really does change lives.


We work with around 150 men a year, helping them to cope with the past and move forward with their lives.

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Before we go any further...

To be clear, Mankind provides support for men who have been affected by unwanted sexual experiences.

Domestic violence is a different specialist area.

We therefore DO NOT provide services for men who have experienced domestic violence.

Find links to services specialising in domestic violence here

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