91% of our clients last year reported an improvement in their quality of life after their engagement with Mankind

Here’s what men have told us about how having counselling or attending a group has helped them:

” Please do not be nervous about contacting Mankind! To begin with I was worried that I would be asked questions or to  provide information that I would find uncomfortable or be distressing to me. Nothing could have been further from the truth. My Counsellor was always considerate and sensitive in what he said, and what questions he asked. In a short time I was comfortable enough to talk to him freely about things that I had never discussed with anyone for decades, secure in the knowledge that what was said would remain 100% confidential. I have benefited so much from my counselling and my course. I feel better about myself and more able to deal with my thoughts and feelings about what happened to me. Take my advice. Be brave and contact Mankind. You won’t regret it.

” A number of years ago I was fortunate enough to go on the group journey with you “The Hero’s Journey” and also receive one to one counselling. I want once again to give my heartfelt thanks to you and your organisation. I was in my late sixties when I was fortunate enough to find you and it changed my life. You regularly come up in conversation between my wife and I and how much our lives have improved since you invited me on that journey. It’s never too late!”

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Quality of life

“I can now face up to getting up and going to work. I have a happier and more balanced outlook on life.”

“I feel more hopeful and my forward thinking has changed. I feel more motivated to make changes, even though it’s scary.”

“Feeling generally that my life quality has improved a lot. Having a space to have my feelings heard has been really brilliant. (The Counsellor) made the space feel safe – the counselling has helped me enormously.”

“Life has become very positive. My entire outlook has changed for the better.”

“Having a safe place to explore my abuse made me feel less hyper alert and snappy. Feel more laid back now, more forgiving, less fear of failure, happier.”

“Having identified with the sessions at Mankind, I gave myself a direction to follow with the support of the counsellor. Things were put into perspective during the sessions. Inow feel that I have a resolution to my reasons for coming.”

“Sometimes I have to remind myself of the change that has happened. I feel my life has become manageable and I’m actually enjoying it. I hadn’t expected it to be so transformative.”

“Daily life is much more positive – still aware of past problems – present problems but dealing with all of it rather than coping and denying.”

Family relationships

“I feel I can talk to my family more about the way I feel and why.”

“My relationships have improved a lot. Even though they don”t know about my trauma, I have addressed some of the really bad experiences I had as a child and I feel ‘more free’ of these negative patterns.”

“I wasn’t in touch with my family before. I hope to see my children soon.”

“My relationship with my younger brother has improved and is on a better standing.”

“Whilst my immediate family situation is still ongoing and unsettled. I have learnt to understand how others feel about my attitudes and any actions. I feel that I now have a new platform to repair my damaged relationships.”

“Feel more in control and confident. Put together a routine. Being more open about what I have been through has made me realise how my family value me – helped me value self.”

“I’ve had a lot of reappraisal on my relationships with my partner and family of origin. Basically I feel I have let go of a lot of unhealthy dependency.”

Personal independence

“I feel more able to be decisive and to not feel overwhelmed by more insignificant concerns.”

“I have learned to trust myself again – my sense of self was shaken a lot. Slowly I am acting with confidence in myself.”

“I feel I have more power in myself and more trust in myself to hopefully make right and positive choices.”

“I feel I have started the process of reconnecting with my life. It’s early days but I am very optimistic that i can have a life that has my welfare as focus.”

“Helped to understand co-dependent relationship.”


“The counselling has improved my confidence by making me reflect on who I am and what I have achieved, despite what happened many years ago.”

“Still a work in progress. I’m remembering just how skilled I was in my professional life and that i made a great contribution – I’d forgotten this. My intention is to start voluntary and perhaps paid employment in next year – 18 months.”

“I do feel that I am more confident about my abilities because there seems to be a more realistic approach to what i am capable of.”

“I feel better about being me. Trying to accept me as me. That part of the counselling is a good thing. I haven’t overcome everything but this has been useful. I feel on the road to recovery.”

Life skills

“The meditation, reflection of asking myself how I feel has helped me to control my anger and to think before I react to a stressor.”

“Mindfulness – personal choice – acceptance – feel happier. Still niggling doubts but not so powerful.”

“Grounding techniques, analysing feelings about things more, taking step back from reactions.”

“The big skill is that I have learned I don’t have to carry my abuse with me 24/7. I don’t negate it but it’s also not the overarching issue. I’ve learned I am teachable.”

“Coming back to the centre/grounding/senses. Sight, sound, sense, taste, breath. Standing back, learning stuff at Mankind.”