Since 2000 we’ve been supporting people who self identify as male who are affected by unwanted sexual experiences.

We use the term ‘unwanted sexual experience’ to include any non-consensual or unwanted act of sexualised violence, coercion, manipulation or abuse. For example online or text abuse, childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape. Everyone’s experience is unique and you will have your own language for what has happened to you.

1 in 6 men have been affected by unwanted sexual experiences

That’s over 5 million people in the UK

Our way of working

We work in a collaborative way using our expertise along with consulting and listening to men to find out what works best for them.

Through listening, consultation and analysis of data, we have formulated a staged programme of interventions that can help men address their issues resulting from an unwanted sexual experience and move forward in their lives.

In order to deliver our services, we feel the following is important:

Mankind is inclusive

Whoever you are…

Whatever happened…

However long ago…

It’s never too late – we can help.

We are independent

Although we receive funding from a variety of sources, we do not accept any funding that compromises our commitment to providing services that we believe work best for men.

We are accessible

All our services are free.  However for those that wish to make a donation, we operate a sliding scale that starts at £1 per session*.

*We do not means test, and any decision about amount given is entirely up to individual circumstances. It makes no difference to the type of service offered. All donations are used to further our work in delivering services to men.

What you can expect from Mankind

We are committed to providing a programme of high-quality, male-specific services in a safe and confidential environment.

We are committed to being honest and open about what we do at all times.

We promise to use our experience and knowledge to help you choose the most appropriate way forward for you.

While we will not rush you or make any decisions for you, we recognise that counselling is a staged process and we may actively slow you down if we think you are going too fast.

Most importantly for many of our clients

We undertake to treat as confidential anything you tell us (within the terms of our Confidentiality Policy).