Organisational Strategy Summary 20-25


To improve the well-being of men (18+) who have been sexually abused, sexually assaulted or raped. 

Core Activity  

There are many ways in which Mankind could pursue its stated mission. We focus on the core activity of: 

“providing therapeutic services to men (18+) who have had unwanted sexual experiences”

During the period 20-25 we are focussing on 2 key priorities: 

Improve our offer, and Increase our reach.

Improve our offer

  • Improve the quality of our clinical activities through:
    • Learning from our impact assessment processes
    • Consultation with services users, staff and other stakeholders
    • Staff training and development
  • Improve our operational management systems to ensure:
    • Efficiency and best value for money
    • Long term financial sustainability
    • Excellent staff performance and retention
  • Improve the appropriateness of our interventions for each stage of the therapeutic journey to include:
    • Pre engagement (eg social media, publications, media)
    • Indirect engagement  (eg our website, partnerships with other providers)
    • Direct engagement (eg 121 counselling, group work and psycho-education)
    • Ongoing engagement (eg peer support, champions, mentoring)

Increase our reach

  • Increase our capacity to deliver our programme in Brighton and Hove
  • Increase the number of local authority areas we work in
  • Increase the number of people accessing aspects of our programme Nationally through partnerships with other agencies.
  • Increase the breadth of people who access our programme by carrying out a diversity audit and making adjustments to ensure equity of access.

Our Organisational Strategy is reviewed annually. We welcome views from our clients – these will feed into our review process. If you’d like to comment, please email us on