We offer male centred support to people who are over 18 and have been sexually abused or assaulted at any time in their lives.

We offer online services to people living in England and Wales and face to face services to those living in Sussex.

We welcome non-binary, gender fluid, trans and intersex people. As a gendered service we are concerned about how our male focus could feel excluding to some people.

So if you feel like a male centred service will suit you best then please contact us.

If you decide you would prefer a pan-gendered service you could consider Safeline who offer online counselling and a helpline for people of all genders and ages.

To access our services please complete this form.

We are only able to accept forms from clients themselves – we do not accept third-party referrals. However, you can have someone help you fill in the form if needed.

Once you’ve completed the form we will automatically send you an email that contains a booking link (please check your junk if it doesn’t arrive in your inbox). Please click this link to book your 15 minute telephone call with our staff. During the call, we will introduce you to Mankind and take some brief details needed to place you onto our waiting list.

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Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

If you have any problem completing the form please email us or call and leave your details on our answerphone (01273 911680)

Please note: The current wait time between having your initial phone call and starting counselling is about 9 months