Groomed – Brighton Fringe 2019

Three times winner at the Brighton Fringe 2016, GROOMED is back at the 2019 Fringe!

Performances: Daily at 3:25pm from Monday 20th – Sunday 26th May inclusive

Price: £8 (£6 concessions) and some 2-4-1 offers available


‘GROOMED’ awards at the 2016 Brighton Fringe:

  • Fringe Review Outstanding Theatre – WINNER
  • Fringe Bobby Award – WINNER
  • Fringe Guru Award – WINNER

How can a truth be told? How can a secret be spoken?

The bell rings and the children pour out into the playground, but one 9 year old boy is told to stay behind. The teacher has a treat…

Groomed by the Japanese Military never to surrender, a soldier hides on a remote island in the Philippines for 29 years…

Against all odds a young accident-prone Belgian invents 7 different saxophones…

Three extraordinary stories: A betrayed schoolboy, a Japanese soldier and the inventor of the saxophone. Life enhancing theatre can transform past wounds that so many share. This show’s emotional power has gripped audiences in Norway, UK and USA. Intelligent. Unmissable.


The Media are really only interested in celebrity and sensation. As an antidote, in this new performance one adult tells the truth without melodrama, without self-indulgence, with no simple answers and without fear.

This is startling and powerful theatre, sometimes shocking but not for one moment depressing. The pace is swift; there is no time for self-pity. The stories are truly gripping with a complexity of emotions, rich, revealing and profoundly human. At the end the audience is pin-drop silent, and then the conversation begins. People don’t want to go home.

Award Winning Director Patrick Sandford returns to his roots as a performer, in this collaboration with Director Nancy Meckler and Composer Simon Slater, both Olivier Nominees.

This show is moving vividly towards a new form of theatre – a blend of testimony and graphic narrative. It is also a joyous Celebration of the power of Theatre and all the Arts to transform human lives. The theatricality is bold, simple, fresh and devastatingly honest.

Groomed is a collaboration between INGENIOUS PURPOSE and Mankind.


Why we present plays at The Brighton Fringe

Mankind presents GROOMED as part of its community engagement initiative that seeks to explore society’s beliefs, perceptions and expectations around the sexual abuse of men.

We want to change how our community talk and think about male survivors. Through the accessible medium of theatre, GROOMED aims to create awareness and start a conversation about the sexual abuse of men and boys.

We consider sexual abuse is a community level issue in which we all have our part to play. All proceeds from the performance will directly fund our services. Find out how you can play your part in supporting our service.

Booking for this event has now closed.